Why Networking Should Be On Your To-Do List

Running your own business can be hard! We hear ya! It can mean long hours, an endless list of to-do's, lots of uncertainty and worry, a constant stream of questions as you learn about tax, business admin and marketing. And that is exactly why networking is so important for small business owners (even if it does add to your to-do list)!

At Little Bird, we're passionate about supporting small businesses - and not just with their marketing. And that is why we've launched our Small Business Social events - to give you that avenue to reap the benefits of networking. And while there are heaps of benefits, we picked out some of the top reasons why you should get out there and meet some fellow biz owners in your community!


Seriously - the old adage "it's now what you know, it's WHO you know" is so true when it comes to your business! And attending networking events can help you create a strong source of relevant connections that you can call on when you need to.

Build relationships, not links!

Build relationships, not links!


Connections = opportunities! And you're bound to come across heaps of opportunities at a networking event - joint ventures, client leads, partnerships, speaking and writing opportunities, business or asset sales - the list is endless!


One of those biggest opportunities is obviously the potential to grow your business - when you're networking, you're putting your business name in front of a bunch of potential new customers, so its a great way to develop some brand awareness and grow your business. Just make sure you follow up any potential leads after the event!


We absolutely love this about networking events - the potential to learn something new is endless! Whether its from a guest speaker, or a fellow business owner, you can learn about business or industry best practice, new business or technology trends, what's working and what isn't working for other biz owners, or even how others have succeeded! That networking event you attend is sure to be overflowing with knowledge!


Running your own business can be isolating and lonely at times - especially if you work alone, or work from home. So get out of your pj's, get out from behind your desk, get out of your comfort zone and do a little mingling! And who knows, you might even make a few friends, and not just business connections!

Get out of your comfort zone!

Get out of your comfort zone!


Helping you build these business relationships in person - beyond the website, Facebook and Instagram links we share every day - is what our Small Business Socials are all about. At each event, we tackle a different topic related to running a successful small business, so make sure you keep an eye out for our upcoming events!