Why Content Marketing is Important for Small Businesses

In a world where consumer’s fast-forward through television ads, install ad blockers on their computers, customise what they see in their social feeds and subscribe to ad-free music programs, it is getting harder and harder for small businesses to be seen. We are now operating in a buyer-driven market, where consumers are empowered and independent - they don’t want to be constantly sold-to and talked-at. They do their own research, find answers on the web and proactively seek out brands they identify with.

So, how do you reach these customers? How do you get your brand seen by them? Well, you need to meet them where they are - where they are researching and asking questions, seeking help and formulating opinions. And you can do this through content marketing.


Content marketing is the process of creating high-quality, valuable content that aims to attract, inform and engage an audience, while also promoting the brand itself.

A robust content marketing strategy will help your brand be found, be relevant and valuable, and connect with your audience at every stage of the buying process. It is no longer a “nice-to-have” element in your overall marketing strategy, but a must-do. And here are a few of the reasons why.


As prospects and buyers search the internet for answers to their many questions, a solid content marketing strategy will ensure that your brand consistently presents an answer to them, whether that be through a relevant blog article, a website landing page or a social media post. Through your content, you can ensure your brand is consistently seen by your prospects, thus improving your brand awareness in a low-cost, effective way.


Quality content, delivered regularly, can make your brand be seen as an authority in your industry. It will further your brand as a thought leader and as one that people can come to for answers. This in turn will strengthen your relationship with your customers and build trust with them, and when it comes time for them to make purchasing decisions, this relationship will play an important part in their brand preferences.


By giving your customers free information, you can build a tightly-connected community of loyal customers. By taking the time to invest in good, valuable content, you are giving your customers a reason to invest their time in your brand.


Good content can inspire discussion, provoke thought and lead to insights about your loyal customer base. It allows you to gauge your customer’s reactions to different types of content, get to know their preferences and learn a little bit more about the customers that follow your brand. This information will be invaluable to your ongoing marketing activities and how you engage with these customers.

Content insights 1.jpg


SEO, or search engine optimisation, is all about how customers can find you in search engines - like Google. Good, quality content is SEO gold, and it can help improve the ranking of your website which will make it easier for customers to find you when they’re searching for information.


Content marketing is a long-term strategy, and you may not see your content produce immediate results, but over time, a strong library of content will continue to reach more qualified leads and interested buyers - and at a reduced cost.

These days, content marketing is one of the most effective and low-cost ways of driving traffic, building brand awareness and generating leads. And of course, effective and low-cost are important to any small business owner. So when it comes to your small business, developing a content strategy is an important step towards marketing success. But, it does take time to create good quality content, maintain a steady stream of content and then see results from this content - time that not everybody has.

So, if you’re in need of a content strategy overhaul, or even one starting from scratch, we can help you! We have the time to dedicate to your content, and the expertise to integrate it into your overall marketing strategy. Just get in touch for your FREE initial consultation today and we can look at your content marketing today.