How to Plan Your Christmas Marketing Campaign

In 2016, it was estimated that Australians spent over $48 billion* in retail stores over the Christmas trading period. Forty-eight billion dollars! So this year, what are you doing to maximise the holiday shopping rush for your business?

Christmas is coming

We think that Christmas is the ideal time to kick your marketing into high gear, up the ante on your promotional activity and make sure your brand is in the mix when customers look to spend big on their holiday gifts. But, how do you go about planning your Christmas marketing campaign?


Unfortunately, with about 6 weeks to go until Christmas, if you haven’t started planning yet you may have missed the boat (or sled) this year. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to promote your business over the Christmas holidays, but you just need to be a bit realistic about what can be achieved in the time frame.

Ideally, you will want your ideas already nutted out and prepared so that your campaign is in market from the beginning of November. This gives you ample time to generate a buzz and reach as many potential customers as possible.

But, if you haven’t got all your Christmas ducks in a row yet, you may still be able to pull something out of the bag, if you act quickly and follow these next steps.


Before you go crazy and put Christmas holly on everything, you need to figure out what it is you want to achieve out of your Christmas marketing campaign. Do you just want to drive more sales - if so, how much more? Do you want brand awareness? Do you want engagement with your brand? Set some hard numbers to these goals to give yourself targets to work towards.

Once you know your goals, then you can figure out what channels you can use to reach these goals. This is where digital marketing is particularly handy - you can get your ideas out quickly (no lengthy print times to meet), you can be really targeted, you can measure all of your activity, and you can make a small budget work really hard for you.


The best Christmas campaigns are the ones that make you feel something - whether that’s a nostalgic feeling of your Christmases as a kid, the warm and fuzzies for your family and good fortunes, or an excitement towards Christmases to come. You want your Christmas marketing to remind people of the joy of the season, and there are a number of ways that you can do this.

Some ideas you could work with include:

  • Use an overarching story in your campaign, like the 12 days of Christmas

  • Hold a festive competition that works family Christmas stories into it

  • Use a specific Christmas theme throughout your marketing collateral

  • Focus on particular products or services that are particularly useful at this time of year

  • Or tap into a particular aspect of the season, such as parties, food, hairstyles and so on

12 days of Christmas (1).png

Just keep in mind that your idea should still suit your business and your brand - if it isn’t “you” it will feel gimmicky and could do more damage than good.


Whether you update your existing collateral or create new ones will depend on a) your strategy and b) your timings. If you don’t have time to create anything new, you can update your existing collateral with seasonal branding - give your logo a Christmas tweak, add a new cover photo to your Facebook page, update your email signature, or update your email templates with your Christmas campaign.

Also make sure to update your website and social profiles with any extended opening times for Christmas, days you’ll be closed or deadlines for orders.

Depending on your business, and your timeframes, you could also create some new collateral, like a gift guide, Christmas gift cards or special Christmas-only products like gift hampers.


Christmas is a busy time of the year, so the more organised you can get the better - try using an editorial calendar to mark out key dates or milestones for your campaign. Schedule the key messages and channels they will go out across, and then auto-schedule as much as you can in advance.


If you’re just too busy and need some help, just ask us - we’ll be your Christmas marketing elves and help you get your Christmas campaign up and running, or execute your ideas for you. At the moment we have some exclusive Christmas packages available to help you with just that, so if you need a little bit of help this holiday season, get in touch today and we’ll help you be seen and heard in all the Christmas noise.

*Source: Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and Roy Morgan Research.