Getting to Know Your Customer Better

“Getting to Know You” - Rodgers & Hammerstein, The King and I

We think this song sums up the mantra of the 21st century business owner when it comes to their customers. Getting to know your customer - and understanding them - is more important than it has ever been, and it is truly the first step to marketing success. By truly knowing your customer, you can target them with messages that resonate with them, that answer their questions and meet their needs.

With the wealth of data available these days, getting to know your customer probably feels like an overwhelming task. But, it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few key things you can do to get a solid understanding of your customers.


Too often, business owners and marketers make assumptions about their customers, based either on their own personal experience, or on previous data. Let’s put the kibosh on this practice from the start shall we?

You shouldn’t assume anything about your customers, including their beliefs, their preferences and their motivators. You shouldn’t assume how they interacted with your brand last year, month or week is how they will interact with it in the future. Your customers are constantly evolving, and so is the way they interact with your brand. You should use current data and insights to determine who your customer is now, rather than base your marketing activities on who they once were.

Data driven marketing 2.png


So now that you’ve let go of your old assumptions, how do you go about gathering new data about your customers now?

The easiest place to start is with the tools you own - your website and your social media channels. Every customer action on these platforms offers valuable insights into your customer and their behaviour. You can use a tool like Google Analytics, or Facebook Insights, to gather information about your customers, from demographics to what content they like and don’t like. You can track where they click on your website, what content makes them leave your site, what posts they engage with on social media - the list is endless.

But, also remember that this data is still about the here and now, the customer of the present. You should review this data regularly so that you can pick up any changes and shifts in trends.

#3. ASK

One of the simplest ways to get to know your customer better is to simply ask them questions. You could do this through an email survey, customer reviews, or even regular phone calls to your customers. Plan out your questions carefully and with a goal in mind - if you try to get the answers to all of the world’s problems all at once, you’re unlikely to get the insights you need to be truly helpful. Keep it simple, keep it short and you’ll keep it effective.


One major advantage of social channels is that you can connect with your customers in real-time - you shouldn’t be afraid of social media, rather leverage it to create a better understanding of your customers.  Make sure you are constantly reviewing comments and questions on your posts, replying to direct messages and taking stock of what your customers engage with and what they don’t on your profiles. Then use all of this information to add to the customer insights you have already gained.

Social engagement 2.png


Use all of the knowledge you have gained from your website analytics, your surveys and your social media engagement to create fuller customer profiles. Expand them beyond the generic demographics of age, profession and location, and include their likes, dislikes, their buying behaviour, their lifestyle and their motivations. Dig deeper and create a full personality for your customer - give them a name, give them a kids and a dog, give them a job - whatever you need to do to envision your customer fully.

Your customer profiles will help you - and your marketing team - keep your customer front of mind when creating messages that will resonate with them, and eventually drive them to your business.

If you need any help getting to know your customers, Little Bird is the team to help you get there. We can help you with all of the above 5 steps - and more - and create those all important customer profiles for you. Just book your appointment with us today and we can take the first step to more impactful marketing for your business.