10 Ways to Get Free Online Visibility for your Business

So you know your target audience is online, but what you don't know is how to get your message, product or service in front of them without breaking the bank? Then this is the post for you!

Online visibility is internet currency - and it is commodified in many different ways, ranging from Facebook ads to Google Ads, but there are lots of ways that you can generate free online visibility and traffic for your business.

#1. Get Social

Especially on Instagram - its a great platform for generating online visibility because it has such an active and engaged base (of over 800 million users). And there are so many great resources within the platform that you can use - having a business account, stories, IGTV, real-time metrics and insights, videos, images and more.

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Another great social tool to consider is Facebook Groups - they offer the ideal space to grow and nurture a community, so you can start your own group to discuss topics around your product or services; or join relevant groups where your audience is active. TOP TIP: just make sure you engage in these groups and offer value rather than sell, sell, sell.

#2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO can be a long-term strategy, so you may not see results from it immediately, but it is a great way to generate free visibility and traffic to your website. So, make sure your website foundation is solid, and then work on optimising for your main keywords so customers can find you when they search for your products or services.

#3. Get Blogging

A great way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, as well as reach a new audience, is by guest blogging - offering free blogs to relevant businesses where you share an audience. Just make sure to include a link to your business (website or social channel), in your bio so you get a good backlink from it. The business you are guest blogging for will share the blog with their audience and put you in front of people you may not have otherwise reached.

You can also invite others to guest blog on your site - then you don't need to spend time writing the content. They will also be likely to share the blog once its published, which will bring new readers to your site. Just make sure you only post high quality, original content that isn't full of spammy links.

#4. Media Appearances

Being a guest on a Facebook Live or a podcast is a great opportunity for visibility that can position you as an expert in your field.

#5. Collaborations

Partner up with businesses that offer different products or services to you, but that share a target audience and see where you can help each other out. Maybe it's through a shared referral program, or a giveaway where you both offer up prizes. There are lots of creative ideas of how you can partner up with other businesses and benefit from the sense of trust their audience already has for their brand.

#6. Create Videos

YouTube is a great resource for driving free organic traffic - it is, after all, the second most popular search engine in the world. You can create useful tutorial videos, or any content that adds value for your customers, and use the video description to link through to further content on your website.


#7. Updated "Expired" Website Content

If any of your content is date-sensitive, or "expires", it's a good idea to update it every now and then to keep it relevant. This is a quick and easy way to refresh content, and this will help your SEO efforts. Just make sure to set a reminder so you don't forget to update it.

#8. Link Internally

Backlinks are an important SEO strategy for your website, but they aren't the only thing that makes up your link profile. Your internal linking structure also helps, so when you're creating and publishing content, keep an eye out for opportunities for internal links. For our blogs, we keep a list of what we have published, including the title and URL, so we have a quick reference guide of where we can include links to previously published content.

#9. Use Local Listings

If you have a physical location, you can use free local listings like Google My Business, to provide your customers with business information, help them find you with directions, share company updates, inform of them of your opening hours and more.

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#10. Create a Branded Email Signature

This is a great way to passively promote your business to people you're in contact with on a daily basis. Just place your website and social links, logos for any potential accolades you've received, your tagline or catchphrase and links to any relevant promotional content, directly into your email signature.

Want some more ideas? We have a great blog on ways to market your business on a small budget.

While these strategies and tools may be free to use, they still take time, so if your time is money and it could be spent better elsewhere, why not considering outsourcing some of these tasks? That is what we're here for - we have some great Marketing Assistance packages to suit any business, from start-ups to established businesses. Just get in touch today for more information and see how we can help you get more visibility for your business.