All The Goss From 2018


What a year it has been! It makes me overwhelmed just thinking about where to start with this blog post because SO much has happened.

So I guess I will just start from the beginning. Let’s take it back to January 2018 when Janelle was still working part-time at Flight Centre, I was only working on the business 1 day per week and we had 1 retainer client, Kleer Cold Room Hire & Ice Supplies, who we are happy to say is still our client today!

I will kick off with client work over the last year and then I will delve into what’s been going on behind the scenes for us, as individuals and for the brand! So make sure you stay tuned for that.

In February, Janelle decided to finish up with Flight Centre so that we could focus solely on the business. Fast forward a few months if I remember correctly and we had both increased our business days to 3 each, then 4 and now we work pretty much full time on the business!

Over the last 9 or so months we have seen our client base grow from 1 retainer and the odd project job to 8 retainer clients and some huge projects that we have worked on for some very reputable companies across Australia. Not to mention that the variety of customers we have has been amazing! From builders, real estate agencies and finance companies to pizza shops, jewelry businesses and highly recognised travel companies, there hasn’t been a dull moment and we have learnt so much across so many different industries!

During 2018 we have created more than 20 new websites for our clients, we have assisted with start up campaigns for new businesses, social media strategy, brand book design, re-branding, SEO strategy and implementation and SO MUCH MORE!

Some of the highlights, in no particular order, when it comes to client work in 2018 include:

  • New website for Mcleod Paramedical Solutions.

  • A brand new website for Responsive Building, who we are looking to work with again in 2019!

  • New website for Kawana Flooring Warehouse plus ongoing social media management, Google Adwords and email marketing.

  • Strategy and planning for the launch of Shebux.

  • New website for OPM Financial Solutions plus ongoing social media management, marketing assistance, email marketing and advertising.

  • Website transfer for MK Realty plus ongoing social media management, marketing assistance, email marketing and advertising.

  • Re-brand in progress for 4impact, a global IT company which has included a website refresh, design of over 20 logos, a Brand Book, a Style Guide and general marketing assistance.

  • New website for Married By Kristie.

  • New website for Be Farm Fit.

  • Email marketing, copy writing and general marketing assistance for Recom Building.

  • Marketing strategy for Loveday Electrical

  • Ongoing email marketing and social media management for Travel Associates Sunshine Coast (4 stores)

  • New website in progress for Escorted Escapes plus ongoing email marketing and social media management.

And then let’s move onto the really exciting stuff! Where we have come as a business and a brand makes my heart SING!

When I started the business in 2016 I knew that there was an opportunity for providing marketing assistance to small businesses. Long-standing businesses that invested in traditional media, pen and paper and brick and mortar surely wouldn’t continue to get by if they didn’t have someone on their side to warn them of the ever-changing digital landscape, the new competitor threats or the biggest risk of all - that if they didn’t grow online, they most likely wouldn’t continue to grow or even maintain the business at all.

So I registered the business name, got a logo made, started hopelessly putting together a website, started putting the word out to friends and family. And for the first year I was working with basically only 1 or 2 clients and to be honest, I wasn’t doing a good job AT ALL! I mean, I did my absolute best but it was nothing compared to where we are today. Then I met Janelle. And firstly can I just say that self-doubt was at an all time high until I met her and she actually believed in the business and in me! I was gob-smacked and I am so happy we partnered in 2017!

Without her we definitely would not be where we are today! She is the smart to my creative and over the last year we have grown so much as individuals, as friends and as business partners.

I am so proud to say that Janelle came in and set-up the business PROPERLY. Which is something I wasn’t (and I’m still not) very good at!

There are still a few tweaks that need to be made (fingers crossed before 2019) but where we are at today logistically is (if I’m boasting) even better than some of the big global companies out there! Plus we have really found our brand identity and we plan to continue to provide a holistic approach to marketing for all of our current and new customers in 2019!

Some huge milestones for us (other than keeping our customers happy) in 2018 include:

  • Hosting two of our very own networking events with amazing guest speakers.

  • Improving turnover from this time last year by over 500%

  • Making some truly amazing friends and mentors at networking events.

  • Going along to Business Chicks 9 to Thrive together.

  • Mastermind events.

  • Implementing a CRM system, Dubsado and it’s freakin’ AMAZING and has allowed us to create an amazing customer experience.

  • Fine-tuning our branding, packages, pricing.

  • Working with a professional to fine-tune our systems and processes (in progress).

  • Website refresh (in progress) keep your eyes peeled in 2019!

  • Changing the structure of the business from a partnership to a company (as of 1 January 2019).

  • Hiring an accountant.

  • Getting our first very own photo shoot with Nicola Holland Photography! Photos to come soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks so much for reading! We hope that you will continue on this journey with us into 2019 and beyond!

Have a beautiful Christmas with family and a very happy NYE! We are definitely going to let our hair down!

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